Spending Fast Update | Month 2

For those of you who are just tuning in, I'm on a Spending Fast until July 9th.  This is what I've experienced in my second month of the fast.

Shopping at Thrift Stores
So I hit my first real "need" where not being able to purchase anything new required a creative solution. I lost a size last summer but because I ride a scooter and wear jeans to work most of the time, I didn't replace my nicer work clothes.  With two conferences coming up, I found I needed them.  So, for the first time, I went to CCA to clothes shop.  And you know what? It was a big win.  Two jackets, two blouses and a pair of pants for $27.  It took some creativity because I didn't find what I went in there for--a pair of black pants, but it just means I'll pack on a brown palette instead of a black one. (I always pack around a single pair of comfortable shoes so I can travel light.)

I'm saving money and accelerating my financial goals.
Not buying things, removes temptation.  For example, John and I are on a tight debt-reduction plan.  And yet, there are things we would like to have (such as upgrading to a king size bed with a Tempurpedic mattress) . When we wound up getting money back on our taxes, I might have lobbied to put that towards a bed, but with the spending fast, it was easier to use that money to accelerate our debt-reduction goal. I've also been putting back my allowance. (But more on that later.)

What I did buy...
Not spending money has meant that my allowance has been thrown into a kitty.  So, when Vitamix (a professional grade blender that is an essential for people into raw foods) came through town on a demo, I was able to pay cash for one saving $150 in the process. (I've been shopping one for years on Amazon.)

Will be interesting to see what Month 3 brings...

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