A birthday snapshot...

I just turned 47 yesterday. It somehow seems weird to say that. Inside I feel like I'm not really a grown up, I just "play one on TV."

Birthdays make me introspective. Here is a snapshot of where I am right now.... 

  • I've learned I enjoy teaching. Not just yoga, but anything that is interesting to me. I'm not sure I fully understood before how teaching others results in more learning for yourself.
  • I need more friends who eat like I do. Food is such a social activity. I love it that the yogis are interested in vegan cuisine so that I'm not always the one modified for.
  • My personal yoga practice is deepening and growing me in ways I don't yet have words to articulate.
  • Sometimes it is the simple things. I really enjoy the times when it is just me, John and Pepper doing the mundane.
  • John and I have had the opportunity to "be parents" recently--something that isn't a daily occurrence when you have grown children. I treasure that.
  • I came to the end of my "scooter experiment." While it has been really fun and I've learned that I can do it, I really hate being cold. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the post and just wanted to say that I totally up for doing Vegan cuisine with you when I am in town!

Cathy_H said...

Wait! Who is this???? How will I know who I'm enjoying vegan cuisine with???

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