The End of the Scooter Experiment

So, this weekend marked the end of the Scooter Experiment. Besides being a very economical mode of transportation, I also gained some other benefits:

1. Because riding a scooter requires all your concentration, it actually makes the commute less stressful.  There is no multitasking.

2. I love the outdoors. There is something about wind, sun and smells that I miss in most of my day-to-day-life which is spent indoors.

3. It is worth it to try stuff--even if your friends think it is a little "out there."

The financial benefits were well worth the scooter experiment.  We were able to pay off a long-standing debt and accomplish some things we wanted to accomplish. But I think the thing that is the most meaningful to me are the intangibles.  It has forever changed my commute.  Even in the car, I drive the residential streets with the windows down.  Oh yeah, and I put my phone in the glove box.


AND...the winner of the Crazy, Sexy Giveaway?  Preston!  I'll be in touch via Facebook to get the mailing address.

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