And I don't even think it is crazy...

I've realized lately I've become a stereotype of sorts. I love yoga. I live on plant-based foods. I adore my Smart car, minimalists, and almost anything that is eco-friendly.

A few weeks ago, I hung out with a superfoods-enthusiast/coach who taught me how to use my dehydrator to make raw breads. I told her how much I'm enjoying meeting people with similar interests. She told me it was because yoga had raised my vibrations and I was drawn to people with high vibration levels.

Six years ago, I would have lifted an eyebrow at that—well, if I could actually lift one eyebrow. But now, the idea of energy or vibration levels no longer seems crazy. It makes sense to me.

You don't have to be a yogi, raw foodist or "eco chic" to experience high vibrations. We've seen it in people who live close to nature. Artists with passion. People with deep devotion and faith. I just never had vocabulary for it.

Science tells us that matter is mostly empty space—vibrating energy. Scriptures tell us of a world spoken into being. (Sound is vibration). Yoga speaks of prana.  Martial arts of chi.

Many of the natural foodists focus on the vibratory pulse that not only affects our being, but the energy of those around us.  Living things have a lot of vibration, but dead things do not (apple vs. a table). They focus on eating raw foods—which have a high vibration level.  However, food isn't the only thing that affects our energy level.  Prayer and meditation also change the frequency at which you vibrate. Exercise can change your vibration. Spending time in nature...

I love it that we don't have to stay in the same place.  That we can do positive things to actually can raise our vibration levels. We aren't stuck.

And even if "vibration levels" sounds crazy to you, you probably do believe in a capacity for growth.  In which case means we aren't stuck either.

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