Multitasking vs. Mindfulness

I've become keenly aware lately of the difference in multitasking vs. mindfulness.

Most of us are multitaskers.  We know how to get a lot of things done at once. The thing is that it creates a bit of a fragmented existence.  As our attention is divided and we strive to keep up, whole days rush past in a blur as our hands do one thing and our minds are someone else. It creates stress.

Mindfulness requires our full attention. We focus on—and enjoy fully—whatever we are doing at a given moment. Rather than having our thoughts in the past or the future, we focus on the present.

Here is the weird thing I've discovered.  When I do this, it seems that time expands.

I don't actually get less done.  Instead, I am more focused and can enjoy what I do.  I have time to savor my food, enjoy a drive, have a conversation, complete a task. Each time I find myself getting caught up in old patterns of rushing, divided attention, stressful thoughts, I simply bring myself back--usually with a focus on my breath.

I always thought that multitasking made me productive. Now, I think it just makes me stressed.

This is an ongoing journey for me.

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