Reporting on Change

In my professional life, I work as a writer.  With posts on everything from SEO strategy for beginners to developing leadership skills for an emerging culture, my focus is usually on a world world in transition.

And yet, there are parts of the world that aren’t transitioning. So what do you do, when you see the possibilities of a world in change, but feel powerless to change in your current context?

One of the challenges of being caught between worlds is that we are actually part of the problem.  We have old ways of seeing that we haven’t yet been able to overcome. These ‘blind spots’ can hold us back and keep us from visualizing the path forward in the places we work, organizations we are part of and the families we live in.

And as much as I’d like to serve as a Sherpa to lead through these blind spots, the reality is that I have them too.  We are all “building the bridge as we walk on it.”  One thing I am certain of—however—is that becoming aware of where change is possible is a great first step; and simplicity, creativity, compassion,  technology and an openness to  change in ourselves are powerful tools to bring about change in our current context.

I spent a year in my professional world asking people to tell me their stories of navigating change. The criteria was that I wanted to catch people before they were resolved. I wanted to talk to people within three years of the change. The stories were moving and engaging. So for the next several weeks, I plan to share some of them here. Stay tuned each Friday for "Adventures in Change." 

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