Unlearning limiting beliefs

In some ways, I think it is easier to unlearn the big lies.  Like the boy in 7th grade who calls you ugly.  Though it hurts your heart and in 7th grade you believe it, as an adult you can build enough love in your life to look at that and see it as a lie.

But then "ugly" is a big message.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of more subtle messages I received in my formative years that may, in fact, not be true.

For example, my family always teased me about my cooking.  So much so that I stopped trying. My first week of marriage, when I realized I was absolutely on the hook for this cooking thing now that I was a wife, I bought 7 boxes of Hamburger Helper because it had directions and would tell me what to do.

While there are people who have a gift and talent for cooking, most of us can actually learn via trying things out and seeing what works and what doesn't.  But if you have a limiting belief of "I can't cook" then every failed attempt—or even just an average meal—becomes "evidence."  Whereas for a normal person, it is simply an instruction in how to improve for next time.

Lately I've begun exploring things I believe about myself to find where the walls are, and then freely going beyond them just to see what will happen. ("Freely" in that I feel liberated as I step past that boundary.  There is A LOT of fear walking up to the line the first time.)

Limiting beliefs are subtle and can take some work to find.  One of the reasons I find things like Project 333, spending fasts, yoga, and reading "dangerous" books (dangerous = different than mainstream thinking)  valuable, is that it they challenge the walls. They uncover those limiting beliefs even when you aren't looking for them.

So, what about you? Got any limiting beliefs you need to ignore and go beyond today?

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