What you want matters

What you want matters.

But I'm curious if sometimes the gap between what we have and what we want isn't about being denied something but rather that we have a  limited view of seeing how our desires can be fulfilled.

What if we aren't open enough to view creative possibilities or not patient enough to take the time to examine ourselves to find what the core desire truly is?

Could a desire for new clothing be less about the item on the hanger and more about the way we feel about our identity? If that is the case, could a change in vocation (or avocation) be more effective in meeting that need than the quick fix of a designer purchase? Could a single person's unmet desire for family be because protecting their heart is actually a stronger desire than the need to share their life?

I believe it is important to spend time with our desires.  To listen to what something deep in us is saying and to try to figure out what it is that we truly want under the layers of whim and fancy.

Because make no mistake, our desires drive us. It simply seems more healthy to have them in the light.

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