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A couple of years ago I began illustrating this blog.  You have to understand...I am not an artist.  My driving passion—the one I simply can't 'not' do—is to create with words. "Real" artists feel that way about illustrating.  They always have a pencil.  There is no piece of paper in their possession that doesn't have sketches in various forms of completion.

With that said, all of us can draw. In fact, we began with drawing before we wrote letters.  To be fair, most of us stopped doing it in elementary school.  Either because of comparison or because what we produced didn't look like the posters around the classroom. Drawing is a skill.  As I've learned over the past two years, you can get better at it and you can develop a style.

All of the drawings on this blog have been created in 10 minutes or less.  They don't have to be perfect. They simply have to capture an idea.

I've played with crayons, Copic markers, and currently draw digitally with the Paper app on my iPad.  (It saves me the step of photographing the drawing then processing it to get the colors back to true.)

Sometimes I pick up the stylus and an idea goes nowhere.  Sometimes I just have to crash land something because I'm on a M,W,F publication schedule. But every time I discover something.  How colors go together.  The way the adjustment of a line can change the expression on a face. How shapes are a part of language in the ideas they represent. (Heart for the soul of us, swoosh for motion, etc.)

How long has it been since you picked up a box of crayons? I've discovered that it can be fun. You should probably get some—or borrow them from your kids.  Who knows what you might discover.

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