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One of the great things about going through yoga teacher training last year studying with Shanon Buffington  is that I met people who would become some of my best friends. 

Allyson-in-Triplicate grew up in the northeast, throws down random Yiddish words and is passionate about learning. Allyson has been a great help to me in not just understanding the concepts of yoga but also in applying them. Plus, she's an awesome lunch date! 

When Melania-Joy first came to my house, she stepped in and said..."this is my house."  I learned what she meant when I went to her place.  (We have similar taste in art.) Melania's "day job" is as a CFO. She also has the talent of ideation.  We've been brainstorming a business venture together which actually looks like it might fly. As new entrepreneurs, we are learning as we go. 

Shane-the-Connector has the awesome talent of being able to create community anywhere he goes. Shane sees the best side of people and can effortlessly make them feel like they belong. As a side note, he also does a kick-ass bakasana and is father to a couple of dogs that know how to lie to get extra cookies. (They may have learned this tactic from the kids down the street.) 

Cheryl-the-Kindhearted was once described as "very a good way." She has a strong faith and is super open and loving.  She has built a new career teaching yoga to new moms and children all the while being a mom herself. Hang around with Cheryl and you will have received the ultimate compliment if she tells you that you're the-bomb-dot-com. 

Of course, these aren't the only amazing people I met last year, but I find that these are the friends that I now can't get through a week without at least texting. Not only that but they are John's friends as much as mine—which makes it even cooler. 

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