Thinking of ourselves as creative

I often have people tell me I'm creative. I think that is mostly because the things I create fall under the "approved" list of creative endeavors. People tend to celebrate writing and drawing as "creative."

But, what if there is more to it than that? If creativity is making something where there was nothing before, then wouldn't it cover a lot more ground than simply writing or painting?

I believe creativity is part of our God-given design. Something that all humans have being fashioned in His image.

So think about the people around you--or maybe even yourself:

Do they create magic in their kitchen producing foods that people love? 
Do they create moments in relationships that make things special? 
Do they build community or teams from otherwise disconnected people? 
Do they write code? 
Do they create inspiration in the way they live their lives? 

When we are living from our truest self we are all creating something in the world.  Yes. We definitely need to expand our definition of "creative." 

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