Update on the Project 333 Experiment

So, in April I joined in the Project 333 Experiment. The idea is to simplify your closet to 33 items for three months—which I did.  This is what I learned:
  • It feels really great to look at a closet with air space.  Makes the beginning of the day feel easier somehow.
  • Laundry feels simpler. There is less to process. 
  • Putting together outfits was also simplified.  I had basics and changed them up with a simplified pallette of accessories. 
  • Packing for trips became simple as well.  I was even able to travel with a suitcase half the size of the one I usually carry for business trips.
  • I found I probably only ever wore 33 pieces even when I had much more than that in my closet. Project 333 helped me take out the excess and eliminate the "one offs" that were only worn occasionally.  
Where it broke down:
  • Most of my life—even business—is pretty casual.  I had to fish things out of my under-the-bed box for a wedding and a 'suit' type of business trip. Also once for a party I wanted to feel the way new clothes make you feel, so I bought a new blouse.
  • Dry cleaning.  It is difficult to have any pieces that need dry cleaning because with our schedules that can take pieces out of play for almost a week.
  • Yoga clothes. While Project 333 doesn't count workout clothes in the mix, I spend so much time at a yoga studio, that I found I want those pieces hanging in my closet to make them easier to find/choose. 
Going forward:
  • I plan to maintain a wardrobe with just under 50 items that include yoga wear and allows for a couple of dressier items and a little more leeway for drycleaning, etc. 
  • In the future I would like to "design a wardrobe" and figure out what an ideal capsule for me might be rather than simply paring to 33 items I already have. I need to think about that one.
The photo is what my closet looks like today after adding back in pieces.  There is still "air" between each item and I love it that all my clothes fit on a single bar creating a lot more space. 

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