Cleaning out physical and emotional closets

We've all had the experience of cleaning out a closet...looking at an item, and asking "does this still fit?" In the past two years of downsizing my possessions, I've noticed an interesting correlation between a willingness to let the things that don't fit go and emotional corollaries of releasing old limiting ideas, hurts and sorrows.

I've discovered that there is something about the act of cleaning out physical closets that creates courage in cleaning out emotional ones. 

And here is the thing...just when you think you've downsized "enough" you find there is more to go. And in fact, that no matter how well you think you are doing on the project there are often blind spots in both the physical and emotional world.

One of the things about blogging, is that your friends know what you are up to and will help point out these spots. Last week, my friend Shannah of the Hayley Daily and I were talking about martini glasses. I think they look elegant and I have a set. (Ashley R.always looks super sophisticated with her three olive martini when I see her at events.)  The thing about my martini glasses is that have only been used twice.  Shannah said, "Okay minimalist girl...WHY are you keeping them? You hardly even drink!"  It's funny how just this week I went through ALL of my kitchen cabinets, but I didn't let those go.

On the emotional side, one of the things about practicing yoga daily is that it makes you hyper-aware of how emotion affects your body.  You start to notice where fear constricts, anger clenches and sadness hides. Sometimes when I begin a practice I will simply sit quietly and notice these things. And often as I sit and breathe into it, a memory will arise and I will realize that it is tied to old stuff.  Usually just becoming aware is enough to let it go, but I am surprised at how something like that could sit about unseen.

I do know this.  Embracing minimalism in my physical world has created a great deal of freedom in my emotional one.  I'm not sure how the two are connected, but they are. In ways I can attempt to blog about, but somehow not completely grasp.

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