Simple joys | Feeding the birds

John and I have a bird feeder in the backyard hanging on the back fence.

When we lived in our old neighborhood, our next door neighbor—a woman in her 80's—had several feeders, birdbaths and suet stations scattered about.

I remember once when Bethany was about four, she said: "Mommy, the prettiest birds come to see us."

I had to tell her I was pretty sure that they were there to see Betty.

When we moved to our new house, I missed "Betty's Birds" and we started our own feeder.  I learned through trial/error which feeds drew which types of birds and now we have a large collection of doves, sparrows, blue jays, a cardinal pair, one woodpecker and a handful of squirrels. (We even have a hawk who visits, but for the record, he is there for the sparrows and not the seeds.)  Other birds like starlings and finches come seasonally. For awhile, we even had a yellow parakeet.

It is surprising to me how much joy there can be in something as simple as a bird feeder.

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