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I started writing the "Adventures in Change" posts (which have been republished here on Random Cathy each Friday for the past few months) based on a conversation I had with my executive coach last year.

I had previously been writing as “The Girl in the Digital World” on another site covering the digital revolution. With posts on everything from Facebook 101 to developing leadership skills for an emerging culture, the focus was on a world in transition. And yet, there were parts of the world that were not transitioning.

In fact, most of the professionals I encountered felt stuck between the innovation in their hearts and the immovable status quo. So what do you do, when you see the possibilities of a world in change, but feel powerless to change in your current context?

I wondered if people who were actually living change held the answers.

I began to interview people about the changes in their lives. I tried to find those who had undergone massive change either chosen by them or forced on them by life circumstances.  The goal was to talk with people who were within 3 years of the transition—before they'd had the time to fully process an analyze.  I felt it was important to have the conversation while they were still figuring things out.

The result was a collection of essays as close to their own words as possible. I was inspired by the depth that change brings. I think somehow I thought the stories would reveal a formula, but instead they were full of beautiful revelations of what people were learning about themselves. They also included words of encouragement. Change—no matter how difficult created motion.  Even if it wasn't completely expected.

These interviews were an incredible experience for me. I'm impressed at the beauty and unsung heroism of the people I talked to. We all experience change. Here’s to change with forward motion.

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