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John and I hate buying cars. The whole process is exhausting.

So, Friday night when we were talking about this with Shane-the-Connector, Shane said, I love buying cars. The negotiation part is fun.  

The conversation resulted in Shane accompanying us to purchase a used car on Saturday.  

I was so impressed with his skill. He began by calling the dealership to ask questions about the vehicle we were interested in and setting an appointment so the car would be ready. He also did research.  Kelley Blue Book Value. Comps from other dealers. 

Once we got there, Shane introduced himself, John and I, then began with an inventory of the car.  He made notes on everything that was off-spec.  He then came up with creative items that were about way more than price.  Like new tires for the front. Using the fact that it needed a 75,000 mile service to negotiate dollars off.

It was interesting to watch how he was able to authoritatively lead the process while maintaining a friendly atmosphere that kept working toward our goals.  

In the end, we wound up with the car we wanted with the items we needed.  The dealership sold a car at a fair price with a few concessions that were of higher value to us than it was cost to them. 

We really appreciate that Shane shared his skill with us.  Sometimes gifts of friendship don't come wrapped in a bow.  Sometimes they come on a clipboard. 

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