John and I have been married for 26 years this week. 

We met in 1983 when I was on one of those geeky high school quiz shows and he was a cameraman.  (Of course, I thought he was a grown up.  And really, REALLY cute!)

The next year, when I went to college at the same university that sponsored the quiz show, he asked if I was interested in joining Backporch Productions. (I thought he remembered me, but as it turned out he was just working off a list of Radio/TV majors.)

We were friends for two years before we went out and the first date was awkward. Over the next two years, we fought and broke up a lot. When we married, we didn't have a clue about what we were doing, but we were two people with a baby on our own, so we figured it out.

One of my favorite parts of our marriage is that we are best friends. 
We can talk about anything.
The other cool thing is how different we both are from when and where we started.
We grew up together.

We've made some pretty big mistakes, but we've also done an awful lot well.  The biggest piece being that we've created a home together--a beautiful place where it is safe to be open and live as who we really are.

I love you, John Hutchison. (And isn't it super weird to think about being old enough to have done 26 years of anything???!!!)

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