Because sometimes it is a game...

On a recent business trip to Chicago, I became aware of the conversations going on all around me on the early morning flight. There was a lot of posturing in the conversations, and everyone (myself included) looked very important in our suits and briefcases.

For a moment, it felt like a game. And I began to wonder...what if we really are just playing dress up? Following the rules to see who can win at being "grown up."

It occurred to me that the interactions I was witnessing were far from the part of these people who hope and dream and feel.

So I decided to play a game of my own. That of secret agent. To see who I could get to break the rules of play acting and have them reveal who they really were.

Over the course of the morning, I found the best way to go about it was to see people. Really see people. To ask unexpected questions that would spark something beyond a traditional response.

I've decided this is a much more fun game to play than "who has the most air miles." We are so much more than that! 

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