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I belong to a professional organization that has introduced me to some very bright and talented women. Ashley-the-Culinary-Mentor and I met for dinner last week.

Here was the plan: Drive to an area with a lot of ethnic, independent restaurants and let Yelp's "nearby" feature tell us where to eat.

We wound up at a Korean porridge restaurant.

It was a small modern restaurant with trendy fixtures and a menu with pictures. (Yay!) Ashley chose ginger chicken porridge and I got the vegetarian.  The servings were enormous. (Go leftovers!) And it was surprisingly comfortable and delicious.  I had ginger tea which had actual fresh ginger in the bottom.

Afterwards, we went to the Korean grocery store next door and allegedly may have made our way to a bakery after that. We sampled dark chocolate with blueberries and lavender (Yum!) and sesame cookies. I even bought a dragonfruit.

There is something about trying new things that creates a feeling of adventure.  And when you walk into an experience without expectation, then you are able to enjoy its nuances.  As a bonus, sharing adventures with friends who appreciate them makes them that much better.

When we got home, John--who had been tracking our adventures on Facebook--couldn't help but ask if it was "too hot, too cold or just right."

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