A non political politics post...

Politics almost seems to operate in some sort of weird loop with whichever era's respective Caesars and Brutuses playing out the same scenarios ad infinitum.

The brokering of power.

It seems interesting to me that Jesus so often spoke of "the kingdom." A kingdom that operates so differently than what we see on TV.  He spoke about it spreading, like yeast moving through bread.  And when Jesus came up against the political (and religious-political) powers of his day, he didn't pick up a sword.  He surrendered.

It is the model of love and service.

I've come to believe that politics simply are . The motions of greed, fear and governance in the world. I also believe that there is another movement of power.  One of love, hope and beauty.  And as it touches lives, it engages people far more deeply than political stances and positions.

It is a heart thing.

Love wins.

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