Dressing Your Truth...a Review...

So I mentioned last week, that I stumbled onto Dressing Your Truth.  The concept behind the program is "energy profiling."  Like the four temperaments, seasonal color analysis or Meyers-Briggs, the program looks at people based on types, but this program teaches you the skills to align your wardrobe based on that type.  Here is what makes it different from other systems:

1) You type yourself since you know yourself best. They do not push you into a box.
2) It is based on energy movement rather than behavior, coloring or body type—the way your personal energy naturally moves.  It also acknowledges that you may have been adapting yourself to some other movement for a very long time based on environment, job, family, etc.
3) The difference in the women who "makeover themselves" is phenomenal. (Check them out on TheCarolBlog.)
4) I am having SO much fun with this (and feel like someone gave me permission to dress like myself!)

They have a program for women and one for men and it covers clothing (design line, texture, fabrication, pattern, color/chroma) hair, accessories, and makeup. You can sign up for a free video course to get started, then decide if you want to purchase the course for your type which also gives you access to the members area that is full of resources. (I made the purchase and feel like it was worth it.)

Probably one of the best gifts this has given me is the ability to walk into a department store, thrift store or drugstore makeup wall and very quickly eliminate all the options that aren't right for me, so that I don't get overwhelmed with the possibilities or feel discouraged trying on a bunch of things that make me feel ugly.

One of my favorite experiences after taking the course was purchasing lipstick.  I usually have terrible luck choosing something new.  I get it home and it never is right. (At which point I've blown 10 dollars). This time, I was able to look through the possibilities using what I learned about colors for me and when I took it home I found it was perfect.

Want to check out Dressing Your Truth? There is no cost to test drive...

P.S.  Remember when I did a makeover with a stylist?  I like the results of this SO much better.

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