I see the moon...

When my kids were little, I would say this simple rhyme each time we saw the moon:

I see the moon and the moon sees me. 
God made the moon and God made me. 

It was an introduction to the idea that we have a Creator. Someone to thank for our being and for something as beautiful as the moon.

When I was a kid I always heard of "the man in the moon" but I didn't see it until I was an adult.  The "face" in the moon looks much like they paint it in old fashioned grandfather clocks. Eyes...full lips...head tilted down with a soft smile.

As people, living under a great big moon we are fragile, twitchy things that are prone to fear. Primitive peoples had series of rituals to appease their angry gods. Even Albert Einstein asked "Is the Universe a friendly place?”

It occurs to me that it has significance, that God took a big, giant ball in the sky and put a smile on it.

A simple reminder to the people below it.

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