Julie's Inappropriate Gingerbreadman Party

Last night I went to Julie-de-Vivir's (aka Honestly Jules) "Innapropriate Gingerbreadman Party."  She invited the women from our professional organization.

I loved it that she rearranged her house to optimize it for the party.  The gingerbread men were all baked and she had a long table with plenty of icing and decorating items so that people could make their creations.

There were garishly dressed ginger people, several "stripper" gingerbread girls and anatomically correct boys. I took the "zombie" route. The women invited are all marketers and creatives. NONE were traditional and I found myself amazed at what could be communicated with a few lines of icing.

The theme of the party was perfect for Julies irreverent sense of humor.  In fact, wherever Julie goes unexpected fun follows.

Besides getting to hang out with some incredibly cool people, I also enjoyed seeing Julie's house for the first time.  A minimalist, Julies decor has a beautiful simplicity and is VERY welcoming.  It was fun to see her style and I particularly  liked her painting of the dandelion going to seed with the wispy white seeds blowing across the canvas. (Because as every little girl knows, you can make a wish on those!)

Sara-the-Hip-Chick brought me vegan cupcakes from the gluten-free bakery where she works. (Sara, if you happen to read this I know you are going to say, "whaaaaaaaaaat?" to your blog nickname.  HOWEVER, I just want to point out that you work at a gluten-free bakery near the hipster thrift shop so I stand by it.)  I couldn't wait until I got home to eat one.  So you know that moment where you fumble the cupcake and wind up shoving too much of the last part of it in your mouth so it doesn't fall and you look over to see the lady stopped next to you at the red light next to you watching and you both laugh? That may have allegedly happened.

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