My year in 14 images...

Bethany moved to San Antonio.
I lived my life as a "Yogi with a Day Job" and was given the opportunity to teach a couple of times a month that worked in with my schedule.   (This is the very cool yoga room that I discovered--and enjoyed--going through SFO.) 
I traded my scooter for a Smart.

John and I had a lot of fun just living every day life. (In this pic, we are at my company Kaboomtown party.)

Melania Joy and I experimented with entrepreneurship.

I published a vegan cookbook for teens. (

I served as a TA for Shanon Buffington's 200 hour advanced training and got to study for the first time with her teacher, Rod Stryker.
John and I celebrated our 26th Anniversary. 
We spent a lot of Friday nights hanging out with friends--especially if there was something to celebrate! 
I juiced consistently throughout the year for John and myself as a supplement to our regular meals.  
Professionally, I had a lot of interesting opportunities including writing articles, speaking, mentoring two fantastic young women in my professional organization and celebrating 17 years at my day job. 
John and I went to Ireland to hang out with our good friends Cliffy and Katya.
It was a continuing revelation to me this year to interact with my kids as adults. Fun to see how they are embracing life in their 20's. Chase--who is pursuing skydiving certification this year--went with me to my company Christmas party. 

The theme for 2013 was restore and I wound up changing some of my practices. I learned to ramp up recycling, changed my spending habits, and got into Project333 among other things. This photo has me in a "restored" jacket. It also shows me next to Cheryl-the-Kindhearted who teaches restorative yoga practices like Yoga Nidra. This was another part of the "restore" theme this year...structuring my days so that I always have time to recharge.

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