Vision Boarding

Sunday night, Melania-Joy invited me, Allyson-in-Triplicate and Melania's daughter, Kendall-the-Beautiful to make vision boards for the coming year.

While I had heard of vision boards, I had never actually done one. The idea is that you document your dreams and desires for the next year in a visual way that can inspire you.  (I do a much more corporate version of this in my day job. It's called strategic planning and is far less colorful. <wink>.)

As Melania pulled out her boards for previous years, I was blown away by how much had already happened.  When Kendall pulled hers out for 2013, it was such an awesome picture of everything she had accomplished that year that it seemed a little surreal to realize that she had created it December 2012.  (I got to know Kendall during my year as TA for Shanon Buffington's yoga teacher training program.)

Melania does hers on foam board poster size with paint pens and sharpie markers.  They are bold, bright, happy inspirations with the year in the center and her theme in the middle of one of the numbers surrounded by things about all the different aspects of her life...personal, professional, creative. Mel is a person of possibilities.  (She has the gift of ideation in a way that amazes me. She conceptualizes what could be in very exciting and fun ways.) Melania's oldest daughter— whose job takes her around the globe—usually creates a poster, but then simply photographs it and throws the poster away so that she can carry the digital version with her throughout the year.

I did a small board (11 x 14) so that I could hang it on the back wall of my closet to see each morning.  Also, while I was buying the board I ran into a woman buying chalkboard paint which inspired me to cover my board with chalkboard contact paper and create on it with chalk ink (supplied courtesy of Allyson's upcoming move!)   The upside to that approach is that I was able to erase and re-do a couple of thoughts.  The downside is that it isn't permanent and some of the words were smudged in the car on the way home and had to be touched up so I'm not sure how easy the board will be to keep after this year.

In my day job, I've noticed that documenting where you want to go sets trajectory.  You get there because everyone is clear on what is important, so the small decisions that make up a day all go in the same direction. I think vision boards do that on a personal level.

Melania, thank you for sharing a lovely tradition and for providing a beautiful, intimate space to create.

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