Beautiful Friday | Sometimes I swear I am only 6 years old

There is something in me that is still a six-year-old girl.  I love things that are shiny and colorful.  

There have been times in my life where I dismissed them as silly, but to tell the truth in my heart, the sparkly things always grab me.

Minimalist though I am, I have a healthy joy in accessories. A palette of colored playthings that are still as enchanting to me as my dress up box from when I was a kid.

This is a shot of my current closet. It makes me smile every time I walk inside.

*Side note: I don't count my accessories in Project 333.  They are such a fun part of dressing for me and I love having a palette to play with.  However I have culled it all down to what you see here.  (Which resulted in bags and bags of stuff being donated to Attitudes and Attire.) And while I pulled it all out for this photo, there is actually airspace in my jewelry armoire too! 

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