The secret to getting things done...

The secret to getting things done is to realize that 80% of your work takes no more than 10 minutes.  Yes. That is right.

Most "tasks" take 10 minutes or less. 

So while cleaning the house may take hours...making up a bed, folding a load of laundry, going through a stack of mail, vacuuming a room, loading a dishwasher...all of the tasks that make up cleaning a house only take less than 10 minutes each.

If you can begin to break a project down into pieces, and then get over the dread of starting something, you can become extremely efficient at getting things done.

So what if...

For the overwhelming closet you instead, took 10 minutes each day for a week to: 1) Go through the top shelf and donate what doesn't get used, 2) Go through your shoes and donate what you don't wear, 3) Flip all your hanging clothes around where the hanger is backward, then each time you do laundry hang the clothes the "right" way and in 6 months you will know what you can get rid of. 4) Go through that box on the floor. 5) Purge old handbags and suitcases. 6) Go through a drawer.

For that piece of furniture you want to redo you: 1) Sketched your idea, 2) Bought the supplies, 3) Created a space where you could work on it over a time.  4) Strip it.  5) Take 10 minutes here and there for each coat.

For your taxes, you...1) Made sure you have all the paperwork you need.  2) Log into the online service and enter your up front information. 3) Enter all your expenses. 4) Sit down to "do" your taxes.

For that project at work, you....1) Set the agenda for the planning meeting.  2) Recap the meeting and divide the work into tasks. 3) Enter the dates for follow up into your calendar.

Many times we get stuck in gridlock because we dread how much time it will take.  The secret to getting things done is in not trying to do them all at once.  It is easy to commit 10 minutes.

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