The secret to getting things done...part 2

So, last week, I wrote about "the secret of getting things done."  There is one more part to that...

It isn't enough to get things done. You have to choose the right stuff. 

Time and energy are limited resources.  We don't have endless amounts. They have to be budgeted just like our money.

The hard part is that often we wind up having to cut back on good stuff.

This week I hit a wall with my commitments and needed to do another "energy audit."  I found I was out of balance between activities that give me energy and activities that require it.   One of the things I found I needed to cut was teaching yoga—which was really hard to do because I LOVE the people in that class—but it takes time/energy to plan a class, prep the studio and teach it, so they will find a replacement for me sometime in February. On the adding energy side, one of the things I know about myself is that I need to be home at least four nights a week.  It doesn't matter how awesome the activity I'm invited to, if I don't get a lot of unstructured time in my home, I start to run out of steam fast.

Our schedules ebb and flow with opportunity.  The challenge is that it is always changing. If you find your joy is dimmed, take the time to check in with yourself.  It's not enough to do stuff.  You have to do the right stuff. 

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