Unequal and opposite reaction...

Newton's third law of motion says: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

But in my lifetime I've seen people break this law to help create a better world by responding with an "unequal and opposite reaction."
  • Like my friend who came home from high school one day to find his mom had moved him into the dining room and appropriated his room for something else.  Yet, as a man, he bought his mom a house. 
  • Or my friend who was slandered terribly by a group of people and when given the opportunity to slander them in return, said nothing. 
  • Or my coworkers, who act with integrity even when a client doesn't. 
We like the scales to balance, but the more beautiful path is when they don't. Grace empowers us to tip the scales in an unequal and opposite direction. 

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