When you are in a position to make someone's day...go for it...

When you’re in a position to make someone’s day, go for it!

I read those words on Carol Tuttle's blog a few weeks ago where she referenced the WestJet airlines video on real time giving.

And I started thinking about the times in my life where someone made my day with something unexpected...
  • Like the woman ahead of me who who paid for my order at Starbucks after I let her into the line so she wasn't stuck on the street. (My Starbucks has a weird traffic flow.)
  • When I came home to find a children's toy sitting on my bed that my husband bought just because he knew it would delight me.  
  • Or when I was in a meeting stuck in big ophthalmologist glasses because I had an eye injury and the guy I met with shipped me a box with 10 pairs of outrageous dollar store sunglasses the next day.
  • The clerk handling returns at Walmart who smiled warmly and was genuinely friendly even though the line was wrapped way out into the store. 
  • When I come home after a long day and John has cleaned the kitchen. 
  • When I was surprised to see a drawing that Samax Amen did of me. 
  • When we were poor and people gave us small gifts of cash. ($20 could mean getting to order pizza!)
The cool thing about these "random acts of kindness" is that they are a way of creating ordinary magic in the world. You have the power to shift someone's experience into a world where these kinds of things happen. 

And seeing opportunities to do that is a skill that can be developed! 

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