Beautiful Friday | Change your mantra

In meditation, a mantra is a phrase that you focus on over and over.  It helps draw the mind from its normal pattern of jumping all around the place.

The thing is that we all have "mantras." Things we say to ourselves over and over. 

But not all of these are positive and productive.

When John and I went to marriage boot camp many years ago, they did an exercise where they handed us each a mirror and we had to talk to our reflection.  It was surprisingly uncomfortable to say things like "you are beautiful."

I've mentioned before that when I hear the same idea multiple times from unrelated sources that I've learned to take notice and listen.  This week, I've heard three people reference the practice of affirmations. To be honest, I previously thought they were silly. (Stuart Smalley anyone?) But what if they really are a valuable practice in changing our internal dialogue?

I do know that Scripture spends an awful lot of time on the concept of names and identity. Who we think we are matters.  And maybe, just maybe, spending a little bit of time each day focused on the idea that we are precious and beautiful in a context of purpose can change our daily experience.

How hard would it be to look in a mirror and say...

I am worthy of love. 
I am precious and beautiful. 
I have purpose. 
I am created in God's image. 
I love and accept myself. 

Would it be worth a few moments each day to retrain our minds to speak kindly and lovingly to ourselves? 

My husband recently posted about life experience when we don't like ourselves.  You can read that entry at BigTea's blog: Sometimes I don't like me.

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