It is safer to stay stuck...

It is safer to stay stuck.

To keep our current patterns.

To treat the things we don't like about ourselves as something that is happening to us rather than something we are creating.

It is terrifying to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal.  To say, "I am willing to see..."  To pray, "I want to change..."

So much of our identity is wrapped up in the parts of our life we are against.  In the things we believe work against us.

While I believe Satan is a very real force in the world, I believe our ego (flesh, if you grew up KJV) is bigger. To be willing to invite God's light to shine is a process of surrender and unlearning.  And just when you've broken through a really big wall and think you've made it, the light reveals the next one.

Our personal growth is so little about changing our behavior and so much about being willing to release.

Yes, it is safer to stay stuck, but it is also draining.

It takes energy to defend the wall. To whine about our current patterns. To find external sources to blame.

I think faith is so much less about what you believe about God and so much more about who you believe Him to be.  If God is good, then we can trust Him. We can release the things we've been holding onto.

Of course, the Holy Spirit never uses power in us without permission. We have to invite.

We tend to think of God's work in our lives like having to take terrible tasting medicine or trying to accomplish some task.  But what if it is more like just having to set down things too heavy to carry?

That whole thing Jesus said about his yoke being easy? What if He actually meant it?

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