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I've mentioned before that one of my favorite things about participating in Project 333 - experiments in living with less- is that you craft your 33 wardrobe items every three months.  This really did start off as an experiment for me less than a year ago and now I would never go back.  Living with a capsule wardrobe saves me time daily and I love the mental clarity of less choice.

This weekend, I put the winter items in my "under the bed" box and crafted a wardrobe for Spring.  I purchased a couple of new blouses and found several pieces packed away from last year and felt all "yay! I missed you!"

Personally, I've found the biggest impediment to doing Project333 is the fear of "but what if I need that???" Now that I've been doing this, I can confidently say that you won't.  When I first started, I put most of my clothing in a box. And with a little distance I realized how much was excess in two places:

1. Multiple versions of an item. (True story: dressy black blazer, casual black blazer, in the middle black blazer that I didn't need but bought because was a great deal).
2. Items I purchased that I thought I would love but in practice only felt "meh" about so I wore them occasionally and never felt great when I did.  (Now "meh" items get donated to the thrift store and replaced!)

Ready for a closet purge? I highly recommend the Project 333 challenge to get started.  You can do this!

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