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It is amazing to me that personal growth is a never ending process. There is always opportunity to become...which is equal parts thrilling and *whine*"aren't we there yet???"

For myself, I have found the key ingredient for this to be willingness. For sure, sometimes we are catapulted into change.  The painful things that drop out of the sky and blindside us where we are forced to choose a path of growth or lose ourselves in sorrow. The personal growth I'm thinking of is much more continual, and like physical growth seems to come in spurts.

Have you heard that saying: "When the student is ready the teacher will appear?" I've found that to be accurate in my own life.  I remember when I was younger wishing I had a mentor. At the time, my definition was "someone who had it together who would tell me what I should do."

The reality is that I've had many mentors. Pastors, authors, bosses, friends, artists... The people who come into your life at just the right time exposing you to the ideas you are ready to hear. I've learned the best mentors aren't directive.  Instead they are resource-brokers and open-ended-question-askers. They rarely tell you what you should do.  They simply help you get to a place where you can discover it on your own.

My growth at the moment is dealing with limiting beliefs about myself.  The thing about limiting beliefs is that they are so much a part of the fabric that you rarely notice them.  And while positivity is a strength for me, I'm finding the spots where I am decidedly negative about myself. Uncovering places that touch deep fears.

And I see that there is beauty in exposure. In allowing the Holy Spirit access.

It takes a deep trust that God is working for our good.  That He knows exactly what we need.  And I'm discovering that it actually doesn't require a lot of work on our part to make it happen.  Just a bit of open-hearted "yes."

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