Are your resources free enough for your relationships?

<<<Is there any way to take a picture with people that you don't actually know, but who have really inspired you without grinning a geeky smile? For

This weekend, John and I had the opportunity to see the Minimalists  on their book tour when they came to Dallas. Everything That Remains may be one of my favorite reads ever.

One of the big themes of the book and their conversation Saturday night wasn't the "how to" of minimalism, but the "why to".  Both Ryan and Joshua painted a picture of how we run so hard using busy-ness and entertainment to distract ourselves that we never get to the questions that matter.

It isn't until something big happens like a death, divorce, layoff, etc. that we are interrupted long enough to acknowledge how we feel on the inside. The "pacifiers" no longer work and we have to sit with the questions.

I loved it that both of them talked about minimalism as a path to free up resources (time, thought and money) for their relationships.  In fact, their friendship is pretty cool to watch virtually through their blogs and social media.  (Okay, not quite as cool as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, but close.)

When I think about the people who have mentored me through their blogs, it feels weird to think that someone I've never met could have such an impact on me. Ideas matter, but the people who are practicing those ideas...the ones "building the bridge as they walk on it" are the ones that engage me the most.

So thanks Minimalists for doing the daily work of figuring all of this out and for giving your lives to share it! I happen to know that I'm not the only person whose trajectory has been changed by your journey.

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