Beautiful Friday | Walking

A colleague told me this week about her adventures cycling to work.  How she had seen parrots nesting in the wild on a city block. The conversation she had with a table of guys on their day off who worked at the UN. The pace and feel of the city.

I miss that from my scooter adventure.  The ability to see things and smell things that you miss in a car.

This week I started walking to restaurants on my lunch hour.  My favorite vegan spot is a mile away.  Yes, it takes time to get there, but the weather is lovely.  Here is what I experienced that I normally miss:

  • A carpet of purple flowers in a grassy space. 
  • A hidden park under an overpass. 
  • A dandelion pushing through the sidewalk. 
  • The smell of bread from a bakery. 
  • The sunshine on my face. 
  • A light breeze in my hair. 

There was so much beauty to be had simply by making a small change.  I wonder what else is out there? 

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