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This week, I heard the story of Lammily—a fashion doll that is based off the real human proportions of an average 19-year-old girl. The project started when Nickolay Lamm took a photograph of a Barbie doll then built a 3-D model using information from the CDC for average 19-year-old females. The image of the two side by side went viral.

For many years, women's groups have been asking toy companies for more realistic fashion dolls for young girls.  (The Barbie Look is only achievable through plastic surgery.) I love it that Nickolay Lamm is simply doing it.  He has started his own toy company—a crowd-funded project that has already raised over 425% of its original goal.

And you know what? I wanted to be part of this too!  I bought Lammily and will receive mine when she goes into production.  Want to be part? Visit


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