Spirituality and playing...

Kids learn by playing.

Which is more fun: blowing the seeds from a dandelion puff and watching them magically drift through the air or sitting in a classroom where a teacher shows you a dandelion pod and explains to you how it works?

There is power and joy in experiencing and discovering.

To be sure, parents have a role in making sure that kids don't play with matches, run into the street, or put tweezers into an electrical outlet, but if we sterilize the childhood experience too much, then there is no joy.  No becoming.

But, I feel like we've traded our spiritual learning for the latter model.  That we've sterilized the process to make it a book learning exercise rather than a vibrant world of discovery.

What if learning by playing isn't only for children? What if it is for adults too?  

What if we need to throw off the rigid structures that have defined the who is out and who is in? What if we need to get out there and explore instead of waiting to be told to move? What if we need to listen to the prompting of the Spirit working in our hearts rather than waiting for a teacher to tell us what to do?

Those who have gone before us can (and should) influence and instruct, but I keep getting the feeling that a lot of the spiritual teaching out there is from a place of slide shows viewed rather than life lived.

Let's go play.

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