About the FitBit

Inspired by Melly-the-Rocker-Chick, I bought a FitBit Flex.  It is a pretty cool device.  You wear it on your wrist and it measures movement, reporting on your activity level and your sleep. It also allows you to set vibrating silent alarms to wake or remind you of something during the day.

There is no read out on the FitBit.  It is simply a series of lights that let you know how close you are to the goal you set.  The details are seen through the FitBit app—accessible by phone or computer.

At first, it was really fun checking in with FitBit.  Learning how many steps I took each day.  Learning how well I slept (or didn't).  But here is the thing.  The FitBit is only information gathering.  It doesn't actually change anything for you.

My Fitbit reveals that I lead a sedentary office workers life.  (Even sitting on a ball all day doesn't change that.)

To get in all the steps each day, I actually have to make the time to get them in.  Still working on that.

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