Put it on a list to make it happen

This weekend, John planted a tree in our front yard.

For the record, we've wanted a tree since we moved in, but we just never got around to deciding which one we wanted, borrowing a truck, purchasing the tree, then digging the hole.

Since I started Bullet Journaling, it has made me a lot more intentional about my personal task lists. 

So, this time when I thought about the tree, I wrote it down in the Bullet Journal.  And when I saw it in my March tasks, John and I did the research and made a decision.  Then, when it still wasn't finished and I had to move it to the April list, it felt more urgent to get it done.

So for those of you whose lists, have sub-lists...I applaud you.  There really is something to writing it down.

For more on this, check out yourvisualjournal.com.

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