Seeking happiness...

I finished a beautiful book this week. A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough by Wayne Muller.

While many, many things in the book spoke deeply to me, I knew I had to share this passage: 

While seeking is an essential human practice, seeking without finding is mere suffering...

So we are seekers and we are finders. What happens when we stop long enough to notice the beauty of what has grown where we have planted? Not all our relationships, tasks, projects, dreams, or people we love are in mortal danger. In a common trance of our imagined indispensability, we can grow to believe the that fate of the galaxy rests ultimately and always on our shoulders. Yet somehow all graceful natural life--plants, trees, sky, birdsong, morning dew, sunset, honeysuckle--seems to grow and prosper without our immediate emergency intervention. What if we take one whole, entire day--a Sabbath, if you will--and do nothing at all useful, but notice instead the glory of poetry, nature, music, fragrance of rose and fresh mowed grass, moonlight, hands touching hands, laughter, long naps, hot chocolate, and cold ice cream? What if we find refuge in friends and lovers; what if we stop moving and listen? If we dare taste, touch what is beautiful and alive right here now, the sudden realization of our ridiculously abundant wealth might just flood our senses with sensual delights beyond imagining. 

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