My new routine...

So I mentioned on Friday that I am working with a nutrition coach to reach some goals which has resulted in a new routine for me.
  • Before getting out of bed, I drink 32 oz of water. (Which surprisingly feels really good.) 
  • Give up the morning cup of coffee in favor of ginger tea or Teeccino. 
  • Breakfast is a green smoothie. I follow up with fruit or more smoothie later in the morning if hungry. 
  • Lunch and dinner both start with a salad or raw soup.
  • Snacks are usually more smoothie, fruits or raw veggies. I'm to eat "abundantly" every time I am hungry. 
  • I am supposed to do 20 minutes of walking or a fun exercise each day. 
The idea is to eat more non-concentrated foods (water-rich fruits and veggies) than concentrated foods (beans, rice, etc.) with a goal of 75% seasonal raw fruits and veggies.

Of course there are some "no's" most of which I'm already doing like "no dairy."  I need to stay off of sugar and processed flours. I am also to limit fats--the healthy ones that I eat like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, etc until evening.

This weekend was BFF weekend so I made modifications to the plan to enjoy my time with friends.  But today, I become a lot more strict.  The detox program is for 30 days and after that we start coaching for my "new normal."

Wish me success!

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