Surviving in a busy season

My pattern used to be to go and go and go until I hit the wall. As I've gotten older, I've also gotten smarter.

We all have busy seasons in our lives.  That big project at work.  An extended illness of a family member. Trying to finish a degree.

Whatever your particular "busy season" is, the challenge is bandwidth. We only have so much.  And part of living healthy is learning not to exceed it.  

For me, I've found these strategies help:

1) Use money to buy time.  Not everything you do needs to be done by you.  Eat dinner out, hire a housekeeper, get help with the kids or use a virtual assistant.  (And don't tell yourself you don't have the money.  If you have a job, you do.  Reprioritize.)

2) Scale back your relationships to those closest to you.  It is easy during a busy season for your family to be neglected. Every free timeslot given away is something your family isn't getting.  If your social time is limited, make sure it is invested in those who matter most--your family. Hopefully, your good friends are close enough that they can survive the hiatus, and if not...well, it isn't worth sacrificing your family for it.

3) Get up earlier. You can add an extra hour to every day simply by getting up earlier.  Best of all, that time belongs to you. Uninterrupted, you can spend the time however you need to and many times it is more effective than an hour in the middle of a day.

4) Watch your self-talk.  If the litany in your brain is "OMG I pulled 60 hours this week," then you are going to be exhausted, but if your self-talk is "Wow, I got to do this and this and we are this much closer to our goal..." you will be more energized.

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