The Weight Game | The Next 30 Days

I've written before about my weight issues. There is much about my life that is wonderful, but in the area of the physical, I struggle.

What I want is a body I can trust to tell me when it is hungry and what it needs.
A mind that can find time to both exercise and write when I'm not working.

And for all of my healthy meat/dairy, meditation, no preservatives, limited alcohol...I can't seem to find my waistline.

This month I got really discouraged when both John and I did the Fast Metabolism Diet.  In two weeks, John dropped 13 pounds and I gained 2...without cheating.  (John finished the month and is now down 20.)

So, on the recommendation of Melania Joy, I went to see Karen McCarville of Mindful Life Nutrition.  I immediately liked her when I sat across from her in her office and saw that her bookshelf was full of the same books as mine.  Not only that, but she glows.  Clearly she practices what she teaches.

Her practices are ones you might know--rest, hydration, body movement, clean burning fuel (water rich fresh fruit and veggies) & daily gratitude, but there is something about the personal mentoring that makes the information easier to implement. I left her office with a plan and am able to ask questions along the way.

Karen is going to be my coach for the next three  months to detox and move me to a system with a more alkaline ph.  We talked a lot about cortisol--the stress hormone--and it's role in belly fat.  Balancing it will be a key part of my efforts over the next 30 days.

I promise to post and let you know what happens.  This weekend, I will review the literature Karen gave me, go back through my notes and get started.

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