Thoughts on sadness...

Everything dies, breaks, gets lost, decays...

That is what I wrote in my journal after the Good Friday service at Crosspointe this year.  Good Friday--if you aren't from the Christian tradition--is the observance of Jesus' death on the cross.

During the service, my favorite coffee cup fell and cracked with a large chip out of the side.  On the drive home, I realized that I had left a favorite pencil case full of Prismacolors at a restaurant the day before.  And I came home to see my birthday flowers dropping their last leaves to the floor below the shelf on which they sat.

Everything dies, breaks, gets lost, decays...

Those were trivial things.  In the bigger world, our bodies age. People we love die. Sometimes our own actions break things beyond repair.

Everything dies, breaks, gets lost, decays...

And yet.

That isn't the summation of our story.  There is life. There is healing. There is hope.

The power of the story of Jesus is one of resurrection. That there is a force in this world working for its redemption.  Yes it is true that everything dies, breaks, gets lost, decays, but it is also true that there is life, there is repair, there are prodigals and there is healing.

Our story doesn't end at the moment of death. There is more. We simply have to choose it. And we can choose it now.

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