When people inspire us as ideas...

At BFF weekend last week, we hung out at LP's house in Grapevine for Main Street Days.  We entered a shop called Holy Grounds (combination Christian book store and coffee shop), and in the window was a statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

I have to say, I often wish I'd been born Orthodox or Catholic.  There is something about the icons that I find beautiful. Tangible representations of the love of God draw me. And I am more often moved by religious art in its many forms than by landscapes of any kind. 

Anyway, there was something about this representation with the animals all around St. Francis that really touched me. I commented on it to LC (or Elsie, the way LP says it) and she said that St. Francis has one of her favorite quotes. I asked about "Lord make me an instrument of Your peace" but she reminded me of another...

Preach the Gospel at all times. 
When necessary use words.

There is some debate if St. Francis actually said that, but I like the thought. That idea of a life that glows with the love of God. 

There are many people--both historic and present--who inspire me as ideas. People are people...none of us perfect, not even the saints.  But there are some who give their lives in pursuit of something--and that wholeheartedness has the ability to draw others. 

In the case of St. Francis of Assisi, there is a Franciscan order--those who follow his wholeheartedness to this day. But we also have contemporary examples on small and large scales. 

There is something resonant to a life lived in pursuit of something higher. 

And apparently, every once in awhile, I really enjoy the art that reminds me of that. 

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