Day trips...

Sometimes John and I take day trips.  We choose a drive a few hours away. Do a bit of research on what we might see, then just go.

There is a sense of adventure about knowing that we are going to go. A sense of play in discovering something together.

This weekend, John and I went to Gladewater--a small town just east of the DFW metroplex. The thing about Gladewater is that in 1930 there were 451 people and in 1931 there were 10,000 people because of the oil boom.  We learned that from Frances who was 10-years-old when that happened at the town's local museum which also happened to feature Elvis memorabilia because he began his career on the circuit that went through that local radio station.

There were shops--especially this one great huge used book store--and some really delicious Tex-Mex food. We also picked up a couple of chairs from a roadside vendor on the way back home.

And on the way there we passed what must have been a Chevy Bel Air club.  There were at least 12 classic cars all in a row.

Day trips are a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  No cell phone. No e-mail.  Just a couple in a car!

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