On Risk...

Most everything worth doing involves risk.  

Risk is when we aren't sure of the outcome.
Risk engages our fear.
Risk means there is potential for failure. Sometimes spectacularly.

I don't know why things are designed this way, but they are.

To become a great artist, we have to take that step to show others our work knowing that not everyone will like it.
To do great in business, we have to pour ourselves into a concept all the way to launch not knowing if the market will accept it.
To get married, we have to put our whole heart out there hoping (but not knowing) if they will treasure it or break it.

While there are ways to mitigate failure, we can't calculate enough to take away the place where we just jump and do it.

The only other choice is not doing.

And not doing means not ever getting where you want to go.

Yes, it is safe.  But it is also stagnant.

And in most cases, choosing to not risk results in as much loss as if we had taken a risk in the first place. 

Nothing stands still.  Not even when we decide to.

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