Beautiful Friday | It isn't about how far you see yourself from the mold

As I've engaged the concept of beauty this year, I've been noticing women all around me.  The variety of shapes, styles, personalities, adornment...

The thing that seems to jump out over and over is that there is a component of beauty that has less to do with aesthetics and more to do with what is on the inside. That glow that sparks and engages others.

Sometimes it is loud and bright.
Sometimes it is soft and quiet.
Sometimes it is polished and serene.
Sometimes it is wild and vivid.
Sometimes it is kind and adorable.

This inside thing seems to be more important than makeup, clothes or hair.  (Though I think adornment is one of the ways we choose to reflect what is on the inside.)

But I also see people who have completely cut that part of themselves off. They are either hidden or pushing themselves into an aesthetic mold that isn't really them.

I think this is the place where beauty breaks down.  Why it becomes a piercing concept through the heart rather than a joy.

This isn't about whether or not we think we are beautiful.  Most of us have been trained early to feel we don't measure up.  This is about valuing that intangible spark on the inside and letting it glow outward.  That is something everyone—male and female—can do effectively. This is the part of us that is magnetic.  The part that engages us in life and in others. The true part that others see in us as beauty.

Finding this spark in ourselves and believing we are worthy of it is a valuable endeavor.  But we have to get to know ourselves to find it.  We have to stop looking outside to the media to tell us what is masculine and what is feminine beauty.  They are a faulty model for who we should be.  Instead we have to do the inside work to light that up.

And we know what lights us up.

And if we've forgotten, then we can use joy to give us clues.  The things that give us joy are the things we should spend more time with.  To polish and shine that glow on the inside.

So how shiny are you on the inside?  If you are feeling dim maybe it is time to engage that part of you that needs waking up.

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