Beautiful Friday | The Unexpected Key to Staying Young

I watched a great talk this week by former wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page. In it he said that he's learned the key to staying young is flexibility.

Page went on to say that this wasn't just true physically but it was also true mentally.

And it struck me as profoundly true.

I know my chiropractor's mantra is that our youth is in how well our spines moves. Once the bones degenerate and fuse together we walk the walk characteristic of "old people."

Children are flexible.  Not just in their bodies but also in the way they think.  Imaginative play.  The development of neural pathways. Seeing the world as a place where discoveries happen.

I've learned through yoga that I can increase my flexibility simply by exposing myself  to new movements and by challenging the boundaries that my body has in place. What if that is true mentally as well?

If mental flexibility is the key to staying young, then we have some work to do. We can't see ourselves as the containers of all there is to know. We have to make room for learning and discovery.  We have to be able to be wrong.

We are all going to age, but what if we decide whether or not to grow old? 

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